Hello everybody and welcome to my blog!

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My name is Akiloë Rouquet and I’m a Sound Engineer and Music Producer. I was born and raised in the south of France and recently moved to Toronto, Canada in December 2014.

I have been raised in a musical environment ever since I was a kid, as my mother is a Jazz singer and I started to play drums when I was only four years old. Nowadays, I create DAW music and produce mixes of it on Protools (Music Page), and mix some other music as well. While in France, I worked at one of the most important music studios there, “Davout Studio”. (Website)

I’m also passionate about sound engineering and sound design for visual media, and that’s why I decided to do audio-visual studies in Cannes, France. I had some great experiences at that school. I learned the basics of theoretical sound, and gained a lot of practical knowledge in boom operation, sound design, live mixing, and music recording. I also have general juridical knowledge of media industry (Sound Engineering Page).

For more information about me, do NOT hesitate to contact me!